The exhibition: "I would prefer not to" in Musée Transitoire

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The Musée Transitoire is an ephemeral exposition space. It is hosted in places of transition, where the works are called upon to communicate between one another and to evolve over time. 

It was founded by artist Romina Shama as an extension of her artistic practice of layering invisible elements and an attempt to redefine the language of the numeric age. 


From 11 October to 31 October 2019

Musée Transitoire

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The project was born of a desire to integrate architecture and sound into the development of empirical artwork — artwork built upon innumerable invisible forms and layers of knowledge that deepen its expression and attempt to knock down the barriers of the tangible conception of art. Places in transition are the physical and spatial manifestation of this impalpable dialogue.

For this first edition, "I would prefer not to", the institution will make use of an abandoned garage in the 11th arrondissement: 4,000 square meters of exhibition space where the artists and artworks chosen by curators Romina Shama and Amandine Casadamont resonate with the location, its past, its future, its materials and its lines. 

In an ultra-materialist world that is ever more dematerialized, the Musée Transitoire is interested in the state of indeterminacy that this immaterial era produces in us: a lightheadedness at once gentle and firm, that sometimes paralyzes us and plunges us into passivity. Rather like the enigmatic Bartleby from Melville's eponymous short story, who one day decides that he will no longer «do» .


Lara Almarcegui - Olivier Bardin -  Amandine Casadamont - Will Insley - Alicja Kwade - Guillaume Maraud - David Miguel - Reto Pulfer - Reeve Schumacher - Philip Samartzis - Romina Shama

Main sponsor: Brice Errera, CEO of Groupe Galia

With the support of the Fiac, Paris Avant Premiere, Centre culturel suisse, and of galeries Mor et Charpentier, Balice Hertling, Kamel Mennour and Edouard Montassut. 



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